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Founded by singer/songwriter JAMES AVATAR and composer PHILLIP GELBACH, CHRONIC ELECTRONIC ORCHESTRA (CEO) is an ever-expanding “Soul Music Collective" that has been active since the early 90's. 

What started as a flagship music group for a Brooklyn, N.Y., art collective grew into a 13-piece Hip Hop Orchestra, complete with a horn section and 3 MCs.


RESPECT THE PLAYLIST, CEO’s new album, is dedicated to all the clubs that booked us, the fans who came to see us perform, and all the talented musicians that have played with CEO over the years.  The album  is a celebration of hip hop’s origins, before commercial radio “decided” hip hop was viable content.

This collection of new CEO songs has been produced over 2 years via a live video internet chat collaboration between GELBACH and AVATAR and new CEO member, Hip Hop artist/producer, THE REAL DMT.

Members of CEO who are scattered across the country record their parts of songs at their homes and/or studios and email them back to our “hub” for editing & mastering.


All the material is original, including the beat samples.  GELBACH’S analog performances feature vintage keyboards used on classic R&B and hip hop records, and aim to capture that “throwback” flavor.

This music project is in no way intended to compete with the current industry of commercial rap music.

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