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CHRONIC ELECTRONIC ORCHESTRA has created a unique signature sound, fusing SOUL MUSIC with other genres like FOLK, HIP HOP, JAZZ and EDM. This ever-expanding Soul Music "Collective" has been active since 1998 started by singer/songwriter JAMES AVATAR and Australian composer PHILLIP GELBACH.


This collaboration led to the recruitment of some of the best musicians and Hip Hop artists in New York and resulted in the formation of 13-piece Hip Hop orchestra with a full horn section and 3 rap artists.


Shortly after 9/11, the crumbling NYC economy led to a huge diaspora which spawned new music acts including Jazz/EDM collective FILTER KINGZ , New York experimental Jazz quartet PEARRING SOUND and singer/songwriter KAREN EMERSON.

C.E.O. now stands as an online music collective based out of Astoria, Queens NY and will be releasing new music in 2021

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Respect The Playlist

A  tribute to urban dance music; circa 1970-present.